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Schuessler salt therapy

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"My therapeutic procedures are not homeopathic in nature, since the application is not based on the principle of similarity, but with influencing such physiological, biochemical processes which themselves happen in the human body”
Dr. Schuessler

If you are looking to preserve your health with alternative options and are open to the natural methods to help self-healing processes, you can get useful information on Schuessler mineral salts!

These salts are not minerals in the conventional sense - which are present in our food - but cell functional materials because they affect each function of the human body. Due to the dilution they will be so subtle, that they are able to pass through the cell membrane, (as opposed to the macro-minerals) where they can accomplish their chemical tasks then.
Similarly to homeopathy, a longer diagnosis and discussion is needed during therapy with Schuessler mineral salts to choose the correct substance. Schuessler therapy is an about 60-minute conversation in which we cooperatively select the essential mineral salts, which the given body currently lacks!

During the therapy we analyse the status quo from more aspects: the first time during an informal discussion we push those problems to surface which the patient is fighting, then we complete a test, which can help systematise the symptoms and diseases.
The detection of different minerals deficiency is done with face diagnostics when we search for discoloration, lusters, wrinkles, folds on the face, the appearance of which can be linked to various deficiencies.

During the therapeutic conversation we map the face that immediately reflects the functional state of the body and indicates which body part needs healing! These perceptions will be recorded, and then compared to the completed test and all that was said during the session of therapy so as to create a proposal concerning the shortage of mineral salts in the body!

The severity of deficiencies is evaluated on a scale ranging from a 1 to 10. If there is evidence of the absence of more than one mineral then a maximum of three with the highest points are treated at a time. In this case, we recommend the client to undergo the re- diagnoses of the face a couple of months later so as to reevaluate the possible changes. If one of the deficiency indicators is terminated, the next one with lower points can be dealt with.

Patience is needed for Schuessler salt therapies.
However, the treatment is to cure the root of the problem!
We wish you a successful recovery with this great, drug-free, but extremely effective therapy!
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